Baratto Guitars has been making high-quality guitars, basses and cigar box guitars (Cigfiddles) professionally for over 20 years in North Hollywood California. Matty Baratto has worked closely with some of music’s most influential guitar players and artists, both as a custom builder and as a touring and session guitar technician.

Matty Baratto
Matty Baratto

Matty started in the “biz” around 1990 at Studio Instrument Rentals (S.I.R.) in Hollywood, and eventually worked his way into the repair shop and started honing his chops on the rental guitars. During this time he also toured as a guitar tech with Love/Hate, KISS, W.A.S.P. and the Go-Go’s.

After a stint doing setups at Gibson, Matty hooked on full-time in 1994 at Hoshino U.S.A., the renowned Ibanez custom shop. There he made prototypes and endorsee’s guitars and also did repairs, R&D, paint, inlay and a whole lot more. In these five years of of intense guitar college Matty made over two hundred custom guitars, did hundreds of fret jobs and worked with many respected artists including Paul Stanley, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Korn, Pennywise and many more.

In 2000, Baratto Guitars was born. Matty was now doing it all, from buying the wood and cigar boxes, shaping, fretting necks, doing inlays, sanding, painting, finishing, wiring electronics, cutting the nut, to stringing and setting up the finished instruments. Baratto instruments have since graced the projects of many noted artists including Paul McCartney, Alain Johannes, Joe Perry, P.J. Harvey, Mark McGrath, Rick Springfield and Josh Homme.

Here at the shop there are always guitars and Cigfiddles “in the works” which are usually sold before they are finished, but new projects and Cigfiddles do also come available for purchase here on the web site, so check back to see what’s available, and thanks for stopping by!

– Baratto Guitars U.S.A

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