Yamaha has a lot of full-sized acoustic guitars in its FG series, and the FG700S is one of such great products. It comes very cheap and can suit the budget for beginners and enthusiasts who want to own an acoustic guitar for the first time without emptying their safe box.

This Chinese manufactured Yamaha FG700S is a quality product that has some good selling points and these include its materials, sound production, affordable price, playing comfort and appearance. We are going to review many of these areas in this article to understand why this model is a good pick or not.


Let us begin with the materials of the body, neck and some other areas; the top of the body is made with thin, nice grained solid Sitka Spruce. The back and sides are made of Nato mahogany; and the fingerboard on the Nato wood neck is made of Rosewood, as well as the bridge. Then the tuners are die-cast chrome positioned at the headstock.


This acoustic guitar comes with a dreadnought body with the shape of an hourglass, it is joined to the neck at a dovetail joint at the 14th fret position of the neck. The design around the soundhole is a rosette, and chocolate coloured pickguard which they come with.

This six-string guitar has very attractive glossy finish that appears natural and of top quality. It has a non-scalloped body bracing, and body binding is a black-and-white accent, that blends with the materials and finish.


The FG700S projects bright sounds and neat tones due to the modifying function of the bracing on vibrations from the top board. It gives soothing tones with very distinctive sound that are pleasing when strumming. The materials communicate with the strings to generate perfect sounds.

The player will definitely find the warm balance in sound that services the rhythm of whatever music that is being played. Although the Nato wood may not be the best kind of material for acoustic sound production, but this model has successfully combined the right materials to augment and create sweet tones.


The playing distance of this very affordable acoustic guitar is outstanding, and it allows for easy and beautiful playing action. It will feel great in the hands of both professionals and beginners, not minding that it is in the class of entry-level guitars. It produces elegant strums, and it shows versatility with different music styles.

Hitting a chord while sitting or standing comes easy and very comfortable with the FG700S, and you can feel free to use your fingers to hit the strings as it will produce very equivalent tones as when you use a pick.

Coming into the world of acoustic guitars will get you very curious, and you need so much guide like the one given in this article to respond to many of your questions. Prices may be your first inquisition; but quality, design and comfort are advised to be your top questions. The Yamaha FG700S will always give you good responses on quality sound, beautiful design and the easy-to-play feeling.